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фонарь работающий без батареек - battery free bicycle light
Пожалуй одна из самых долгожданных иноваций для велосипедов

Небольшое приспособление трансформирующее энергию
магнитного поля в световой поток силой 118 люмен.
Для его работы не требуется использования батареек,
аккумуляторов, зарядных устроиств.
Вполне удачное решение для автономного использования

Краткое описание продукта от производителя

NEO is a battery free bicycle light powered by a new patent pending technology,
which takes advantages of Eddy Currents generated by the rotating aluminum rim on
your bike. Eddy Currents is a common phenomenon, which appears when a changing
magnetic field is induced within a conductive material such as aluminum.
These eddies have their own magnetic field, which can cause repulsive or attractive
effects in non-magnetic but conductive materials. While driving, the high power
LEDs lights up the road from the front light, while the rear light LEDs are highly
visible from the rear and the sides. When stopping for traffic lights the backup system
automatically keeps supplying power to the low power LEDs and thus keeping you safe
at all times.

The special technology is wrapped in a bold design that mounts on the
frame in one end
and cantilevers out to be powered non frictional by the rim in
the other. The unique structure is shaped for non-interference with standard brake
and lock systems and two simple joints allow easy adjustment.

Продукт ожидается в продаже в сентябре 2016
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