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Biomechanical saddle Shark

Время не стоит на месте и изобретатели, естественно, не дремлют! На этот раз возбудились испанские "извращенцы", подкинув на вело-рынок откровенный фетиш, взятый то-ли из "50 shades of gray", то-ли просто с полки сексшопа!
Ну как скажите, вы будете ездить на такой штуке, если простые обыватели даже на комфортный SLR смотрят как на осколок в задницу...?

Что вы скажете про Shark? 

Shark WTF - лучшая модель поджопника, для центровки вашей задницы строго по оси подседелки! И... наслаждайтесь!

Однако, кто не постесняется вникнуть в суть этого исследования, может извлечь для себя пользу! А если найдется кто на такой покатался - делитесь впечатлениями.

How does a cyclist sit on the saddle?
When we sit on the saddle we have two basic points of support and one secondary. The basics points are the 2 Ischia and secondary one is the perineum. If one of the basic support is not on the right place the other point supports a higher pressure whereby producing an overload well known by the cyclist who are many hours on the saddle and often not right positioned.

What is the fin for?
This is the key to this whole Bike Fitters ensemble. Its position indicates the rider how to place his sit bones sothat they are well supported in the seat. It interacts with the user giving information how to be seated on the saddle. In the hundreds of biomechanical studies for the development of this product, the result of them told us that the vast majority of riders had sensory perception being well positioned on theirsaddle as where reality showed they were rotated or only supported one of the two Ischia.

Is it uncomfortable?
The fin seems at first sight an aggressive element that will hurt us when we are pedaling. But this is not like this, if the rider is well positioned on the saddle the fin is imperceptible. If we feel the fin than we know that we are not well seated on the asddle! Than we know we have moved away from our optimal point of support, this is the kinesthetic value of the SHARK.

Is it certified?
Shark prototypes are in the position of  the technical committee of the UCI, which soon will give its verdict on their use in competition. What was meant to be a therapeutic solution for the inconvenience of thousands of cyclists has become an element that can allow higher bike performance, because of the better stability to the hip the transmission of force to the pedals is much more efficient thereby achieving higher performance.

Shark WTF

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